Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today was my first day of work, and it was great. I am going to be learning so much about my section and the people I am working with are very easy going! I really start on Monday ( tomorrow I have like a half day) and then I'll be really busy. The Laurens and I get along really well! The apartment is a good size for the three of us. We are actually going out tonight with Alex, one of Sarah's friends from Svarvas(Sp?). He just finished his last final ( Universities in Austria have break for the month of Feb.) and wants to go celebrate, so we are going with him. He also lives less than 5 minutes away which is nice. =)
I haven't really been able to go see the city yet, but I may be able to do that tomrrow morning or afternoon ( I have a meeting at 1). And then I am going to a ball on Saturday!! I was talking to the Ambassador today, and he was telling me about the debutantes that come out to dance for the opening of it. I am pretty excited for that!

We went to the market last night and that was pretty interesting. You have to weigh all of your produce and print out a ticket for it before you can buy it, or they will give you dirty looks. You have to bring your own grocery bags too. I should have brought that bag, mom. Oh well. I was asleep last night by 9 and woke up at 625 for work. All in all today has been a good day.

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