Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm here!

Ok now to tell you about my flights and first day here! The flight from Dulles to Vienna was awesome. When I was checking in for the flight, the woman behind the counter told me that there were rows completely open and I could sit by myself. So of course I did! They also told me that I could only take one carry-on, not two, so I had to check one of them.
The best part about getting to the gate early is talking to the people on the flight with you. There was an older man, probably late 60s early 70s, who came up to me and told me that the only reason he comes out to Vienna was so he can go see his dentist. Different, right? So he continued to tell me his story of how he doesn't want to get dentures, and that crowns and implants were so much cheaper here that he is saving money by flying to Europe to have these procedures done. He was a character.

Anyway, we boarded early, left on time, and arrived an hour early. I have all o fmy bags and was picked up by Kristen, someone I will be working with. She took me to my apartment ( i have uploaded pics of my room). I don't have a closet in my room, it is in the room with the iron. I think that might actually be better since I will have to iron all my clothes anyway. I tried to move the bureau into my room, but it was too tall =(. So after I dropped off my luggage, I went over to the embassy to fill out some paper work. I then continued to go to UNVIE and then back to the embassy at 1 for a meeting. I finally got home around 2:45 pm. That's about 24hours of non stop hecticness. I finally just unpacked and am waiting for the Lauren's to get home! So far so good!

miss you!

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