Sunday, February 21, 2010

2/19 weekend

Wow, so this weekend has been non-stop jam packed full of things that we did this weekend. Lauren 2 and I finished our conference on Friday around 1 pm and decided to go to a cafe near Stephansdom for lunch, Cafe Hevelkah (that's not you spell it, but close enough). This cafe is known for being an intellectual cafe and for its owners. The Hevelkah's are in their late 90s and still kicking, so much so that we got to meet Mr. Hevelkah when we went! Usually, Austrians are pretty negative/ignorant/annoyed with Americans, but this cafe was a nice surprise. We walked in and there was no where to sit and we were eyeing this one table that was reserved, so the waiter came up and told us to sit there. That surprised us. He said whoever wanted the table can sit somewhere else =) so we sat there. Then when our food arrived, there were no utensils.We asked for forks and instead we get a lesson on how to eat a sausage Viennese style, wrap the napkin around it anduse your fingers. Overall, it was a great experience. I am definitely going back there. Later that night, the Laurens, Valerie, Tess (the new intern who is wokring with me), Mike and one of his friends from Berlin all went out to some bars and we had a great time.

Saturday was pretty laid back. We woke up around 12 (we went to sleep around 445) and had lunch at home. At 3, we went and saw Up In The Air at a great little movie theater down the street from where we live. We were in bed by 11 last night.

Today was a HUGE day. We all woke up around 515 and left the apartment at 630 to catch a 730 train to Salzburg. We bought a card that gets us half price tickets on all of our train travel too. Anyway, we arrived in Salzburg at 1030 and walked around the old city until 2. We went to Cafe Demmur and got sachretorte and saw the statue of Mozart and something very important going on at the church. I think there was a cardinal there, but I dont know what that means. I had my first weinerschnitzel ever today, it's not too bad. I needed to use ketchup.... but I didn't. Then at 2, we took the Sound of Music tour. We got to see most of the scenery used in the movie, including the lake where the kids and Maria fell into the water, both castles (we didnt go in though), all the mountains, and the church they were married in. I have tons of pictures, I just need to figure out where I am gong to upload them to. We got back to Salzburg at 545 and booked it to the train station and caught the 602 train back to Vienna. It has been a really long day, and I have an even bigger 3 weeks ahead of me at work.

I am going to be pretty busy coming up, so email me if you think I am not updating this often enough!

good night!

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