Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hello Hello,

Well, I have done a lot of sightseeing/having fun these past couple of days! I went over to Sven's house for a dinner party he threw on Wednesday night. He and his roommate Stephy made really good zucchini soup, ham and cheese strudel, spinach and feta strudel, and a really good dessert that was more or less cold cream of wheat with a raspberry sauce. We all were talking, there were 5 of us, and then started to play this Austrian card game that is similar to ( i can't remember the game right now, it will come to me though). Any way, it was a great time.

Last night, there was a happy hour for work at the Lion's Rampant, an English pub about 5 minutes away walking. So we went there and had fish and chips and then met up with Eric at Charlie P's, and Irish bar, for the rest of the night. I am really liking everyone I am working with, they are very easy to get along with and are enjoyable to be around =)

Today, the three of us went all over the city again. We tried to go to a Teahouse for breakfast, but the one we wanted to go to was closed. So we started to walk towards Stephansdom again. We went into a couple of authentic Austrian clothing stores and then we came upon the Albertina. The Albertina is a museum that has an Impressionist exhibit, and today was the exhibits last day, so of course we saw it. I love love love Degas. There was Monet, Renior, Van Gogh,
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, everyone. It was a great exhibit. Actually before we went there, we went to Tirolerhof Cafe, which is well known for it's apple strudel. Of course that is what I got, here is a pic, and a hot chocolate. So after we were done at the museum, it was around 230, we went to the Stadtoper, State Opera house, to see when we should buy tickets for the Opera. I think we are going to see Barbar of Seville at the Volkoper tomorrow (folk opera, so its in German) and Tosca (at the state opera) on March 29. I might go see La Boheme on April 5, we'll see. Anyway, we then went to lunch at a restaurant on the University of Vienna's campus. The place used to be an apothecary so the set up was pretty cool. All I know is that I have never had a gulach that good ever before. So Good. here is a pic

Now we are home, and at 8 we have a get together at the Marine house for Valentines Day! Around 10, we are meeting Sven and some of his friends at a bar not too far from here!

We have a full day tomorrow and Monday (no work) too! Can't wait to tell about it =)

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