Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So Prague was great, except we almost didnt get there! Tess and I were on the train platform at 7:50 am ( our train left at 8), and it was perfect timing and all the other trains were on time, but of course when it was time for our train it wasnt there. Needless to say, we werent happy. So we went down to the ticket station and because we had bought our online, they said they couldnt do anyg for us and would have to buy another ticket and to fill out a refund form so we MIGHT get our money back... we asked for the manager. He gave us new tickets for free an hour and half later than we were supposed to leave. No problem. So finally we got to Prague, and spent the evening walking the city and seeing all of the famous sites! We stayed at a really nice hostel about 10 minutes from the center of the city. On Sunday, we got up early and went back to all of the main places ( Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock, Old Town Hall Square) and also took a tour of Prague Castle and the Jewish District (saw the older synagogue in Europe). Then made our way back to Vienna!
While I was there I actually really missed Vienna.. it was weird but I'm glad to be back! Work is going well. I am working with PACT these next two weeks ( and helping them out with fundraising. Other than that I am enjoying my free time! It finally just got warm out and I'm working all day so i can't go enjoy it! =( but i love it here.

I'm off to Budapest with Tess on Saturday! Can't wait to tell all about it!

p.s. my pictures from Prague are on my facebook. I will try and put them on flickr when i can.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Well this week has been quite the rollercoaster ride for me. I got into Pitt on Friday and had my heart broken on Monday and slow days at work. But, I am doing ok and am ready for a good weekend=) I'm really happy I have such good friends here. The Laurens both have people coming in this weekend so the apartment will be a full house! Should be fun. I'm staying in Vienna tihs weekend and then next weekend is Prague!!!! I am super excited about that. I can't wait =D

off to work I go...have a good weekend..ill give you an update on Sunday!

Monday, March 8, 2010

hey everyone!

So I didn't end up going to Budapest this weekend, but I still had a good time. I was really tired from the week beforehand and just needed to relax. So I did!! Last night, I went ice skating in front of the Rathaus, which was incredible. It had been in the high 50s/low 60s in the beginning of the week so we didn't plan on going before the rink closed (last night was its last night) but it got cold again over the weekend and it was perfect! After that I went to the Marine house with Tess and watched 2012... bad movie.

I am really enjoying myself at work and learning so much! I can't wait until I can apply all this new knowledge in grad school =) Oh by the way, if you haven't heard, I got into the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs specializing in Security and Intelligence!!!!!! I am so going which makes me even more excited!!! I am really happy about it, obviously =).

Well, all of the girls (all of us guys left) are getting together to watch the Oscars tonight. They air a day later here so we are having a pot luck! I'm making baked brie.... off I go!

miss everyon!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Well, I have not written in a while and there has been a LOT going on. I have been incredibly busy with work these past two weeks and it should all die down after Monday. I can't wait. You all should go to and look at the most recent news clips and to look at PACT, a program I will be working with in a few weeks. I'm doing really well! Still absolutely LOVING this city and everyone here ( mostly the Americans, most Austrians are downers). ah i miss everyone so much!

I think we are going to Budapest on Saturday morning unitl Sunday evening, I'll let you know if we are for sure! Miss you!