Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hi all! So i know it has been a few days, but I have not done very much other than go to work! I am absolutely loving it here! I am working with several people doing so many different things and attending different types of meetinsg, all of which are extremely interesting!I have been talking to my supervisor about what I should do about grad school, the public health or more security and intel, so that is still up in the air until I hear from Pitt.

To all of my CISVers who are reading, I met up with my friend Sven today. I was in Brazil with him 5 years ago and it's just like I never left. We went to a small "pub"/cafe tonight andtalked for about 3.5 hours after work. It was really nice. I think i am going to go over to his apartment tomorrow for dinner also and meet more CISV people.

have i mentioned how much i love this city? it's so easy to get around and clean! .... this is after 6 days...ill come back and read that sentence in 2 months and see what i think. hopefully it will be the same!

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  1. don't even think of moving there :-P