Monday, February 15, 2010

So what did I do the rest of the weekend? Yesturday, I slept until 11 and then the 3 of us (laurens) went to Volksoper and saw Barber of Seville. It was great! I can't wait to go to the Stadt Oper and see an Italian opera. I really can't get enough of this city =).

Today, we went to a tea house and I had some wonderful vanilla tea! Most places in Vienna usually allow smoking inside, but we have realized that tea houses don't! That was really nice because then we didn't smell like smoke all day. From there we went to the Kundthaus wein and saw the Annie Leibovitz exhibit there. I think she is a genius, her photographs and story are incredible. After the exhibit, we went to Mariahelferstrasse to go look for high heeled boots to wear to work so our heels don't get ruined from the cobblestones... that didn't work out, but oh well what I have is already good enough for me! We just took it easy tonight and stayed in. I am looking forward to Wednesday night. The Lauren's and I are having dinner with Sven, Axel and possibly Sven's brother at an experimental sushi restaurant =), I love sushi. They combine the sushi with different spices and foods, should be interesting! Other than that, I work all day this week!

We are off to Salzburg next Saturday =)

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